Double Insulated

Double Insulated Symbol found on all class 2 products

Double insulated or class 2 electrical appliances are products that have been designed in a way so as not to require a safety connection to electrical earth (These products must NOT have a safety connection to Earth).

These products are required to prevent any failure from resulting in dangerous voltage levels becoming exposed causing a shock etc. This must be done without the aid of an earthed metal casing. Ways of achieving this include double layers of insulating material or reinforced insulation protecting any live parts of the fitting.

There are also strict requirements relating to the maximum insulation resistance and leakage to any functional earth or signal connections of such appliances. Products of this type are required to be labelled "Class II", "double insulated" or bear the double insulation symbol (the symbol displayed above) Follow some of the links below to view / purchase some examples of these products

All double insulated products supplied by British retailers

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Fittings should always be installed by a qualified electrician. Try looking in the yellow pages for a local electrician or visit your nearest independent lighting shop and ask them to recommend someone. A good tradesman will be more than able to install Double Insulated products
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